Live from Altenrhein
LSZR 291920Z AUTO VRB02KT CAVOK 06/02 Q1015

People´s C-Office:

T: +41 (0)71 858 51 65


Driving Altenrhein-Davos

118 km - 1h 25min

Driving to Altenrhein

The airport is only 2 kilometres from the motorway exit Rheineck-Thal on the A1 motorway Zurich-Winterthur / St. Margarethen. When you get off the motorway, follow the ‘Airport’ signs. Once you have arrived in Altenrhein, you may park your car in the large parking area directly in front of the terminal. Drivers can also wait with their limousine directly in front of the terminal. There are no parking fees for drivers pickung up passengers. (Please go to the C-Office and ask for a free exit ticket)

Driving to Davos

The A1 motorway entry is located at the east end of the airport. Traffic jams are extremely rare. Driving time from the airport to Davos is about 01:25 hours.


Cleaning and Refuelling

There are two fuel stations, a shop and car wash facilities located right next to the airport.