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People´s C-Office:

T: +41 (0)71 858 51 65


Taxi- and Limousine Service

Easy, convenient, and comfortable transport to and from the airport.

You are guaranteed a smooth and worry-free onward journey with our partners for taxi and limousine service in Altenrhein.


Brunner Taxi Service to and from Altenrhein

If you are travelling to the airport by taxi or would like to be picked up from the airport, we highly recommend Brunner Taxi and Limousine Service. The company’s office is located directly at the airport in Altenrhein and is thus ideal for trips by taxi or by limousine. For further information, please visit Brunner Taxi and Limousine Service’s website. You can also make reservations through our C-Office by phone.

Brunner Taxi- und Limousinenservice