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LSZR 221820Z AUTO 18002KT CAVOK 18/15 Q1019

People´s C-Office:

T: +41 (0)71 858 51 65


Fees & Charges

Fees and handling charges in Altenrhein.


People's Business Airport St. Gallen - Altenrhein offers by every single handling request, competitive fees, personal service with the highest standards of quality.


For charges and fees please refer to the following Tariff Reglement:


Fuel & Oil

JET A1 / Avgas 100 LL

BP Turbo Oil 2380 / Shell Oil 15W50 / Shell Oil W100 / Shell Oil W80


The listed prices do not include 8% VAT.

Duty included prices include 0.02 CHF CO2 emissions tax.

Current fuel prices for the month of August 2017.

JET A1 Avgas
duty included CHF 1.68 / 1l duty included CHF 2.13 / 1l
duty free CHF 0.94 / 1l duty free CHF 1.40 / 1l



De-Icing fluid / hot water mixture CHF 7.80 per litre sprayed